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The second year

The Stay as Home project starts is second year. We would like to say thank you for all the Stay as Home cardholders of the previous year. The new Stay as Home cards for 2013/2014 have arrived. Currently the cards will be available for the international students of certain universities and colleges as a gift from us.

We have a new cooperating partner

For the new 2013/2014 academic year we have a new cooperating partner with whom we would like to extend the value of the Stay as Home card: LiveStudyHungary

Student life with Stay as Home card

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Our goal is to make sure that during your academic year here in Budapest you can enjoy the same comforts that you’re used to. Getting a Stay as Home card will open up Budapest for you. At once you’ll have a hairdresser, a dentist, a selfstore; you’ll know the best place to take yoga classes, to rent a car; or if you fancy a special meal or a drink, you can choose to go to the restaurants and cafés we recommend you. As for your studies, you’ll no longer have to run around the city looking for a copy shop or a bookbinder as some of the best such businesses are among our partners. And the best news of all: we’re offering these services (and more) with up to 30% off.