Dear Friend,

We started our Stay as Home project as a young married couple in our free time. The idea came from our past experience of spending time abroad, in countries we had never been to before. One of us went to a small European university town, the other went to a city overseas. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until our stay abroad was coming to an end that we got to know the special places and opportunities that were, or would have been, important, useful or precious to us.

Now we would like to help you to get to know such places right from the beginning of your stay in Hungary. Need a place to store your stuff while you are on summer holiday? Need to consult a 24-hour dentist? Would you like some nice strudel? Would you rent a car? Do yoga? You can find all of these on our webpage. Indeed, our aim is not simply to refer you to partners that offer quality products and services but also to make sure that you get the attention you deserve from them.

All of our partners offer you some kind of special service or massive discounts as long as you are the holder of a valid Stay as Home card. You can benefit from these special offers not only once but an infinite number of times until the expiry date of your Stay as Home card.

Our project is just starting up and we are trying to make up for our lack of experience with ardour and enthusiasm, so we kindly ask everyone to forgive us for any minor initial shortcomings.

Have a nice stay in Budapest full of fun and useful experiences!

Ujfalussy Bernadett and Dr. Ujfalussy Zsolt