California Coffee Company

California Coffee Company

A place where you are welcome!

A place where the scent of great coffee, fresh tastes, the best quality, the youngest atmosphere and the most friends await you.

If you are looking for a place that is easy to reach from anywhere, either on foot or by bicycle, a place that is a perfect, peaceful venue for studying, surfing on the Internet or chatting with your friends, and where you can try seasonable tastes combined with your favourite coffee, then the best choice is a California Coffee Company shop. You can be sure you have found your favourite place!

What you can choose from, with discount:
- Italian coffees made of 100% Arabica coffee, traditional, flavoured or even with soy milk

- coffee specialities, soft drinks, smoothies, teas, cold and hot drinks,
- heatable rich sandwiches, panes, baguettes, ciabattas, all made on the spot
- homemade-like crunch cakes, muffins, pies, cheese cakes, brownies
- juicy fruits, crunchy salads
- freshly squeezed fruit juice
- muesli yoghurts for a light breakfast

Would you like to sit by the Danube bank or are you in a hurry to meet your friends? Of course you do not have to miss your favourites, since you can take any of our products away, and you can even choose a trendy vacuum travel mug.

You can enjoy everything in our cafés: tastes, experiences, piece, friends and happy moments.

Find our cafés in the trendiest points of the city, following the well-known green and brown colours and the three coffee beans!