First Strudel House of Pest

First Strudel House of Pest

Riddle: What do you think will happen if you interbreed a 100-year-old traditional cake recipe with a very new catering idea?

The answer is:

First Pest Strudel House
Café and Restaurant

It awaits you downtown, in the gastro district of of the renewed pedestrian Main street, just steps away from Szent István Basilica.

The ambiance of the place is reminiscent of the past, partly representing a traditional café interior of the turn of the last century, whilst walking in its parlor is like walking in an ethnographic museum.

The restaurant is especially committed to keep, bequeath and popularize the tradition of preparing,
consuming and enjoying strudel, so as to invite you to a historical and valuable gastronomic adventure.

We stretch and fill the strudel dough in front of your eyes in our café. Besides traditional sweet filling you can also try different salted strudel variations á la tapas. We offer salmon-filled strudel with asparagus sauce, vegetarian strudel made with leek sauce, just to name a few. As you will see, creativity has no limitation.