kamchatka design

kamchatka design

Kamchatka design, a tiny shop hidden in the heart of the city, with a workshop at the back and a friendly casual ambience, welcomes its visitors.

Just round the corner and steps away from the beaten path of tourists, the recently cobbled cozy little street leads you into a completely different world. As signs of local design unmistakable items swing on trapezes. The main aim of the 12-year-old enterprise is to gain ground by becoming an integral part of our daily life. All the pieces created in our shop bears the touch of the designer and her aspiration towards a subtle harmony between craftsmanship and contemporary design.

We create limited collections of women’s wear, different textile accessories, unique dresses designed for special occasions such as a state exam or a graduation ceremony. We have a selection of off-the-peg items but we also take orders for tailor-made ones.

As a designer, owner and trader, I consider my personal presence as part of my guarantee for a genuine representation of my own brand.
Fair trade, so to speak…

Marta Schulteisz