National Library of Foreign Literature

National Library of Foreign Literature

Feel at Home in the Library!

Do you miss being surrounded by books, research and newspapers in your mother tongue? Do you miss the peace and quiet of a library of endless possibilities? You can have it, right in downtown Budapest.

The National Library of Foreign Literature, just steps away from the famous Váci utca, is home to 400.000 items in 148 languages, so you’re sure to find something that feels or reads like home. There are 400 newspapers and magazines in 32 languages, too. Books and audiobooks can be borrowed not only in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, but also in less widely-spoken languages.

Looking to learn a new language? The library’s language studio has a collection of books, CD-ROMs and other multimedia tools to help you learn one or more of 80 languages.

The possibilities don’t stop there. Do research in the library’s local and online databases and use our wifi network. You can listen to our extensive music collection and can use some pieces from our 30,000 pieces of sheet music.

Remember your friendly librarian at home? Well, this library’s also got helpful, friendly and professional staff who speak several languages. Last but not least, the library is easily accessible for people with disability and even has a bike rack, hooray!

Come and feel at Home in our Library!