With your Stay as Home card at hand, the first Muay Thai class is free of charge, for you and all your friends you take along.


Re-Gym Muay Thai Klub has been the number one Muay Thai club in Budapest and Hungary. Its trainers and competitors has been actively participating on the international Muay Thai scene.

With a track record of outstanding achievements, the club is proud to have world champions and European champions among its ranks.

Experienced and successful trainers share their knowledge with those interested in Muay Thai, whether beginner or advanced, with extensive expertise, great humanity and excellent pedagogic skills.

Behind all outstanding personal achievements and results lies a great community with a strong club spirit.

Muay Thai can be practised all week, at different times and levels (from beginner to advanced), in small groups.

The members can take part in Muay Thai life by going to competitions, friendly matches and events organised by the club.

The gym is well equipped with a tatami, a practise ring, heavy bags and thai pads. Individual equipment can be tried in the gym and purchased at the club (gloves, shorts, protection equipment etc.)

The gym is open to both genders and all ages. While some of our regulars visit us in an effort to preserve their physical and mental health, others want to train to be a competitor. Whatever the motive, everybody is welcome.

The first training session is free of charge.

Our Muay Thai classes are instructed by several trainers who work in professional cooperation and in coordinated fashion, but in their own styles.

Training includes: Warm-up – Technique practice (individually and with equipment), practising with a partner, fighting practice on „request”, bodyweight strength and conditioning training – Stretching and breathing exercises at the end. Every class is 90 minutes.

Comfortable sports clothes (T-shirt, shorts) are recommended.