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Simon András

Dear University and College Students,

I hope that just like me, you find your university years the happiest and most carefree days of your lives. Engaging in vibrant social life and cherishing human relations can really recharge our batteries after a time of tiring intellectual work. On such occasions you like to make the day memorable with an occasional gift to those whose sheer presence make you happy. What you want to give is a quality gift which is not too expensive but has an intellectual or spiritual side to it. I can help you find the right one by welcoming you to a selection of my works in my studio apartment. I would very much like to call your attention my one-line drawings, a unique technique only I employ in the world. You can choose from my one-line drawings in over 50 topics, as well as from my books, postcards and bookmarks, according to your taste and interest. In my studio you can also find mugs, candles, tea light holders, diaries and calendars decorated with my drawings. I am glad to help every visitor to find the most suitable present they are looking for.

(Browse the presents on the English language pages of my website and if you would like to buy then take into consideration the prices on the Hungarian language pages of my website).